Subodh Kumar Jena
Bhawanipatna, Orissa, India

"Nameless servants of God proclaiming the kingdom in the spirit and power of Elijah"


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Pastor Subodh ministers in Orissa under Pastor John Thomas, Founder of Shalom Ministries. Brother Subodh and Shalom Ministries hosted and trained under The Elijah Challenge in Orissa in October 2007.


Brief Report from Founder John Thomas

High-caste Hindus from other states drawn by miracles


The Elijah Challenge Basic Training in Chatrapur, Ganjam

55 pastors, evangelists & disciples trained and given powerful weapons to attack the darkness of Orissa


The miraculous deliverance of Dharmendra

His entire high-caste family comes to Jesus Christ as a result


Lives transformed by the Basic Training

Subodh trains disciples in Bhawanipatna


Persecution of new believing family by Hindus

A big Hindu village called Pastigudi


100-year-old sacrifice pot broken

Six Hindu families, including priestly one, come to Christ


A mighty miracle in Jhalarsingh

Man set free from 15 years of fides disease & severe demonic attacks


Largest gathering yet for TEC Basic Training in Orissa

Over 200 servants of God & disciples gather from different regions


Miraculous healings at the Basic Training in Bhawanipatna

Subodh conducts The Elijah Challenge for pastors & evangelists


Bhawanitpatna, January 2010

Miracles in the New Year bring Hindu families to the Lord


Bhawanitpatna, November 2009

Miracles at home harvest new souls for the kingdom of God


Elijah Challenge Training in unreached area of Orissa

TEC in Viswa Hindu-dominated area called Putasingh


Kingdom of God comes to witchcraft-dominated village

Dramatic deliverance of girl brings 10 Hindu families to Christ


Pastors trained by Subodh testify of miracles

They now heal the sick & cast out demons with power


Persecuted believers in Orissa

Provision & miracles & obstacles as they rebuild their lives


A girl and boy miraculously healed

Instantaneous healing from severe jaundice and high fever


May 22, 2009

The power of God strikes demon-infested tree revered by Hindus


Gumma Baptist Church

Miraculous healings amaze orthodox Baptists and bring them to saving faith in Jesus Christ


March 24, 2009

Tribe which spawned Orissa persecutors now being reached for the gospel of Jesus Christ


March 12, 2009

Woman healed of infirmity at a distance through the telephone


March 6, 2009

Miraculous healings among Baptist believers in Rayagada, Orissa


February 22, 2009

Opportunity to reach Hindu tribe responsible for persecuting Orissa believers


February 25, 2009

A wonderful miracle in Bhawanipatna


February 2009

Update: Some children of persecuted Orissa believers becoming beggars


January 2009 - Testimony

Dramatic deliverance from devil possession


January 2009 - Update on persecuted believers in Orissa

Many miraculous healings from God comfort destitute persecuted believers


January 2009 - Mission trip

Multiplied miraculous healings confirm gospel to mountain tribal people


December 2008 Orissa Persecution Update

Subodh brings compassion and miraculous healing to believers in relief camp


November 2008 Orissa Persecution Update

Miraculous healing brings high caste Hindu family to Christ


August 2008 in village of Pastipada, Orissa


Bloodshed & persecution in Orissa, August 2008


July 2008 Report & Testimonies


May 2008 Report & Testimonies


The Elijah Challenge & Shalom Ministries, October 2007


The Elijah Challenge in Orissa, April 2003

Our family: Subodh, Rosy & Naithan

"Let me tell you little bit about my background. I am from a place called Gajapati, a very mountainous area. From Bhawanipatna (Kalahandi district) it is 250 kilometers. It is a fully tribal dominated district. God has brought me to Bhawanipatna (Kalahandi) to serve Him in the Western part of Orissa. According to a UN report the Kalahandi district is known for famine, starvation and the sale of children. It is in the hottest zone in Asia Minor.

I did my M. DIV. in Bangalore, an affiliate to Asia Theological Association. I have worked in Orissa for the last ten years as a teacher, pastor, convener and translator throughout Western Orissa. God has given us a special burden for the state of Orissa. In the same way my wife Rosy also completed her Master of Divinity at Tiruvilla, Kerala, an affiliate of Asia Theological Seminary. Now we are serving the Lord here in Orissa.

Let me just give you some brief highlights about the state of Orissa: There are 30 districts in the state of Orissa. Bhubanaewsar is the capital of Orissa. It is known as the temple city of India. Orissa is the known as the soul of India. Two percent of the population in Orissa are Christians and most of these are Catholic and Lutherans. Baptism and conversion is banned by the government of Orissa."

Orissa, the poorest state in India, is dominated by Hindus

Luke 10:9 "Heal the sick who are there and tell them,
'The kingdom of God is near you.’"