West Kalimantan, Indonesia

Amoy was the oldest daughter of a family in Batu Ampar which owned a small business selling gold as well as appliances. There she came to know the Lord, and later began serving Him and the kingdom of God. Eventually she became one of our original eight cell group leaders.


1987: Amoy is seated in the center of the first row

Amoy eventually married a servant of God named Yappi. After we left Indonesia to return to the United States in 1987, they moved to a nearby town called Padangtikar where they pastored our daughter church there. Later they relocated to the city of Pontianak where they planted a new church.

When we visited them in April 2013 to preach at their youth service on Sunday evening, their facility had been renovated and significantly expanded to accommodate the growth of their congregation. Even with the additional seating, however, the sanctuary was already filled at their main Sunday morning service.


Evening service primarily for youth

At the youth service in the evening, we taught The Elijah Challenge and challenged the believers to take the gospel to the lost with miraculous healings as proof that Jesus is the only way to the Father. We had the believers minister to those with infirmities. In particular, two men came forward for healing. One was an unbeliever who had pain in his knees for years. After three times of ministry with the laying on of hands, he was free of the pain. That evening he made the decision to follow Jesus Christ.

Another man was the son of an elder of the Padangtikar congregation (a daughter church of the Batu Ampar church) where Yappi and Amoy served as pastors at the beginning of their ministry years ago. He had backslidden and gotten involved in witchcraft. And he felt pain throughout his body. But the pain left as the believers ministered to him in the name of Jesus. He then decided to come back to the Lord.


April 2013: Yappi (left) and Amoy (right)