Cindy had viewed only the Elijah Challenge Training videos

“Hi! I wanted to share this with you. When I got your most recent newsletter, I read the testimony by the British brother who had been involved in an outreach at a local craft fair (or something like that). They prayed for a young girl to be healed of depression and she went her way. 

It occurred to me on reading this that depression was something one could be healed of rather than just a challenge to deal with and maybe someday over come. I’ve struggled with this all my life (I’m in my 50s) and it never dawned on me to ask God to heal me until I read that testimony. I know this is a tool for outreach, but I felt God wanted me to do this.

I just quietly commanded the depression to leave and for my mind/body/whatever to be healed and function as God had intended and designed it to do. Immediately I felt a change within myself. That was maybe four days ago.

There are a lot of what I consider to be very serious things going on in my life right now and I’ve been fighting so hard not to yield to despair for nearly a year. And it’s all gone; the bondage; it’s gone. The situation hasn’t changed, but that horrible rut I couldn’t climb out of is gone.

And not only that, but I had sent your website link to all the people in our ekklesia and one of the sisters told me last night that she’d watched the first four hours of training and was really interested (and she’s the shy one). 

Perhaps we’ll be the ones setting up a “free healing” booth when the craft fair season rolls around again. 😀

God is good! Thanks so much!”

Love in Jesus, Cindy in the USA