November  2013

Leslee C. attended The Elijah Challenge Training in Adelaide, South Australia. She wrote us on November 3 to share about a woman we shall call Audrey, the mother of a student in the school Leslee’s daughter attends.

“Audrey has physical disabilities. She stumbles in her movement and has difficulty speaking clearly (I could hardly understand her).  She told me that she was born normal without the disabilities, but 34 years ago when she was 13, was when things started to change. Her hands started shaking as she was writing and the next morning when she woke up she had impaired speech and she was physically imbalanced in her movements as she tried to walk.

Audrey went to many doctors and had lots of tests done on her including head scan to find out the cause of her imbalanced movements and impaired speech. The results came out negative. Her cervical vertebrae (at the back of her neck) was/is hunched up and somewhat stiff, so it was concluded that this was what was causing the imbalance but doctors were unable to do anything to help her. She has given up on doctors since. 

Audrey believes in God and her background is Greek Orthodox. Though she doesn’t normally attend church, she believes that Jesus is the Son of God. I shared with her about our authority in Christ, that Jesus can heal her of her imbalance and can help her have a clear speech. I asked if she wanted to pray with me and she agreed.

 After we prayed I asked her if she would like me to pray over her for healing in Jesus name and she agreed. I placed my hand/s on the back of her neck and commanded a few times for all the physically infirmities, including anything that is causing her to have impaired speech and the imbalance, to go in Jesus’ name.

I then asked her how she felt and she said she felt peaceful, and her neck and shoulders felt looser as she moved her neck, shoulders and arms. Thank you, Lord Jesus! She felt happy, thankful and  with gladness she asked me which church teaches this, even before I could tell her about The Elijah Challenge. Her speech is a little clearer but I haven’t notice any real improvement in her movements yet.  I told her that I will pray over her again and told her that she could pray over herself too. She is keen to meet up again…”

On November 11 Leslee wrote us again: 

“Wow, the Lord is so good. I saw Audrey at school today. She was waiting to collect her daughter and we chatted and I was so delighted to hear how clear she speaks now! I commented that she is speaking much, much clearer now, and thanked Jesus for the miracle. To my dismay Audrey  said, ” You haven’t known me long so you wouldn’t be able to tell.” (But I was so amazed what the Lord had done…earlier I had found it very difficult to understand her because of her impaired speech. Sometimes I would ask her to repeat the words 3 times or more; otherwise I would just nod to whatever she was trying to say.)

At that moment, another child’s mother came up and I asked her if Audrey is speaking much clearer now. She responded, ” Yeah! What happened?” I then turned to Audrey and told her to share what happened. Audrey then said, “Leslee prayed over me in Jesus’ name.” I said to the mum Louisa that Jesus had healed Audrey. Then another Mum (named Kristy) came and I said to Audrey to tell her what Jesus did for her and Audrey said, “Oh, it’s embarrassing.”  So standing next to Audrey, I declared to Kristy that Audrey is speaking much clearer now, and I can understand all of what she is saying whereas before I couldn’t understand most of what she said. Kristy agreed with me. I told her that Jesus healed Audrey.  

Later, I said to Audrey that she shouldn’t be embarrassed in telling others about what Jesus had done for her and so she said, “But people wouldn’t believe.” I insisted that she should tell other people about what the Lord had done for her as God wants us to tell others about Him so they can come to know Him too and be saved.  

Shortly afterwards, her husband came and I said to him that his wife is speaking so much clearer now and he replied, “Yeah, she’s good, she’s alright.” He didn’t seem to want any further conversation on the topic. 

I rejoice in the Lord and I am more encouraged now as a result of this miracle.”