Katy, Texas
January 12, 2013

The Elijah Challenge in North America 

Brothers and Sisters in Christ, just wanted to fill you in on our outreach in Katy yesterday.  We met at La Madeleine and headed over to Old Katy to the area where a lot of Hispanics stand around looking for work.  We set up tables and invited them to come over.  We asked if anyone needed healing, and there were several who were healed in the Name of Jesus as we ministered to them.  We also handed out water and bags of food.  God is so good and provides everything you need.  We were able to minister to these men because one of them spoke English and could translate for us.

Here are some of the reports:

        • Left leg pain gone
        • Stomach & back pain gone
        • Back pain gone
        • Right eye from 50% to 100% restoration of sight
        • Left foot pain improved with statement of faith that the foot will heal 100% throughout the course of day
        • Right shoulder injury from car impact injury – pain reduced and range of motion improved

I think it was also awesome how God brought us together with all different gifts and we each have something to give.  It is neat to see how the Body of Christ is brought together! 

We all were so encouraged and excited to see God working thru us!  Some were asking when we would be back and we plan to go back the 9th of February and bring more food and supplies if needed.  We are also planning to bring Spanish tracks next time so we can share the Gospel with them.

I am so encouraged and excited to go out with Brothers and Sisters in Christ and DO what he is calling us to do!

Here are two Youtube videos posted of our time in Old Katy.

You can see Rosemary, Brian, Joe and Jim in this video:  


Here is one more video of the same day: