Pastor Albert Kang is Coordinator of Elijah Challenge Asia
(Later also served as an Executive Director for Foursquare in Singapore & Malaysia)
April 2013 

Reports from Albert Kang

Here are three reports of our first Elijah Challenge Training with the Foursquare Church pastored by Rev. Henry Liew who is also the National Chairman of The Foursquare Gospel Church of Malaysia. He had said to me, “one of the squares is missing”. Foursquare Churches basically have four important aspects – Christ the Savior, Christ the Baptizer, Christ the Healer and Christ the soon-coming King. The “Christ the Healer” has been missing but not anymore. Rev Henry has reported that he has used the TEC approach and many are healed. He is now in USA for two months and visiting ten Foursquare churches and he says that he will minister healing in all their services. Thank you for sharing this truth with us. We are so blessed as you can see the impact when others catch the vision.

The Foursquare Church in Malaysia

Shekinah Community Centre is situated at 27-31 Jalan Medan 5,Bandar Baru Medan Ipoh [Ipoh Garden] Accra, Perak. It is a Foursquare Church founded by Rev. Liew Henry. This vibrant church walks closely with the Holy Spirit.The congregation operates many spiritual gifts. On 29 March, 2013, the church members step into another dimension of ministry. They exercised their faith to heal the infirm and God honoured them by healing many. I have the privilege of sharing ‘The Elijah Challenge” biblical approach to Power Evangelism with Rev Lam Yuen Yi Timothy who did a marvelous job in interpreting the messages into Cantonese. My wife, Grace, was the photographer and her parents, Bro Ong Sh and Sister Patricia Ong were at the seminar to help in ministering to the infirm. Here are the photos that testify to the mercy and grace of God in healing many.

Many infirmities healed the second night

The second night of the Elijah Challenge Healing Seminar at Shekinah Community Centre was also filled with many testimonies of healing miracles. Pastor Liew Henry also testified that he was healed of the pain in his right shoulder joint. God worked mightily among the ordinary believers who dared to believe in God’s promises. As they laid hands upon the infirm, one by one, miracles began to happen. What a wonderful living God we have. By faith, we can indeed move mountains.


A memorable Easter Sunday with many healed

On Resurrection Day which is on 31st March 2013, we concluded the Elijah Challenge Healing Seminar at Shekinah Community Centre, Ipoh, in the morning service. Once again, the Lord did not disappoint those who brought their friends and relatives who needed healing. The trained believers exercised their mountain-moving faith and laid hands upon all those who came up to the altar to receive divine healing. With their God-given power and authority, they commanded all diseases and infirmities to leave in the name of Jesus. What a glorious time they had when all those who were healed, mounted the stage and gave their testimonies of healing. They were then challenged to go out to the community and heal the sick even as they share the Gospel. Many will remember this Easter Sunday because of God’s wonderful grace and mercy.