“I was invited by Pastor Stephen to minister in his church. He was my student in my first Bible school, started by me in Cameroon known as Cameroon Bible School. Later in 2006 the School became an extension of Indiana Christian University in the USA. After preaching the message, from the pulpit I started commanding the sick to be healed and all kinds of pain to go in the name of Jesus Christ.

Immediately all that were sick testified of being miraculously healed. A boy of about 11 years of age testified that serious pain had let a private part of his body. I was surprised at the laughter in the church which erupted after the boy shared. The boy was smiling and elated.

Pastor Stephen had joined us last year along with Pastor David my professor at Seminary and also pastor at Full Gospel Church in Ndogbassi. Together we hosted an Elijah Challenge Training Conference at Full Gospel Church.  As I ministered in the name of Jesus, many miraculous healings took place. The area pastor testified that serious pain in his body had simply vanished.  A woman testified that her eyesight had been restored and she could see clearly. There were many other testimonies as well.

After The Elijah Challenge Training my faith was activated. I have seen two cases of life restored to lifeless bodies. I am now preparing for our Mission Summit and Annual Elijah Challenge Free Healing Crusade in the first week of November 2020 to take place in Cameroon, Central Africa. The theme will be ‘Salvation is Now’.

I keep telling people that The Elijah Challenge Training is not theology, but it is practical. It works.

Jesus is a mighty healer….the same yesterday, today and forever (Hebrews 13:8).”

Pastor Ngum Peter, Elijah Challenge Coordinator in Cameroon, Africa
July 2020