The ULTIMATE PURPOSE of The Elijah Challenge Training


What is unique about The Elijah Challenge?


The Story of The Elijah Challenge


What Godly Pastors in America face


“The Anointing”: Studies from Scripture


“Depending completely on God” – a NEW perspective on John 5:19


Christianity and the West


The Charismatic Renewal Revisited


“Revival” will not happen in the West


Would you prefer to be given charge over “ten cities” or over “five cities” in the next age?


“Spiritual warfare” directly against territorial spirits in the heavenly realms: should you engage in it?


The practices & teachings of the Nicolaitans which Jesus hates


Reaching the followers of the religion centered in the Middle East


Cessationism vs. Charismania: opposing poles of the Church spectrum


The primary calling of The Elijah Challenge


“Yahshua” or “Jesus”?


The Holy Spirit & Possessing the Promised Land


Our eternal reward in the next age


The fruit of true grace vs. the fruit of cheap grace


Possible Deception in the Church?


The Great Commission & the Last Days




Startling revelations from the Parables of Jesus


Healing & Evangelism


How much authority has the Lord given to disciples?


Ministering healing to infirm believers


Teachings for Calebs: Kingdom of God Special Forces


Does Scripture teach that believers in America will be persecuted?


What happens when a Christian gets “radicalized”?

Protecting our children from the agenda of the progressive left in our public schools


My extraordinary zeal as a young disciple—but without knowledge


Bible Studies: Selected Topics of Interest