Sue & her husband Randy have hosted The Elijah Challenge in Katy 
March 2013

Reports from Sue & Rosemary in Katy, Texas

“I wanted to share with you what happened today while I was at the doctor’s office with my mom.

She had gone in for her test to be done and I waited in the waiting room. There were other people but as time went by; only one man remained and myself (both of us waiting on someone).

As we began taking he told me that he has had stomach problems for some time and was going to have to go to the doctor for the pain. I asked if the pain was there now and it was. After asking him if he ever had someone pray over him. He said, ‘No, just me maybe’. I asked if I could minister healing to his stomach and he agreed. He placed his hand on the pain and I touched his hand and commanded the pain to leave in Jesus’ name.

He had a ‘serious yet confused’ look and told me that his pain was gone!

Praising the Lord, I told him that it is Jesus healing Him. He said he has been feeling something missing in his life and now he knows what it may be – God in his life. God knew this man was ready and I thank Him for using me to speak.

I praise God for giving me boldness to speak and His power to heal so this man will look to the Mighty One!”