Butch Berner, Light of Africa in Zambia
November 6, 2011 

Butch taught The Elijah Challenge at the Pilgrim Wesleyan Church during the first week of November. It was well attended with over 50 trainees each evening. It was so encouraging to see members of the church go out to the highways and by-ways and do evangelism. It is one thing to understand and another to use this method for the Kingdom of God. The reports came back that many who were prayed for had pain and soreness leave. One man who had had a stroke and was paralyzed on the right side of his body was able to move his arms and fingers after he was ministered to.

Pastor Morningstar was so excited to see his sheep begin to do evangelism that he wants to schedule another training to encourage those who did not attend to be trained in this powerful method of evangelism. We are greatly encouraged by this report, especially Butch. Pastor Morningstar is also a student in Butch’s Bible College.

Praise God from whom all mercies flow!