“Today we had a visit from the sister of a friend who is a shaman (witchdoctor or sorcerer). Her name is Ketut, is well over 60 years old and a “silent” believer in our village. I play chess with her brother on Wednesdays hoping to get him saved!

A year ago, she was hit by a motorbike trying to cross the road. Her lip was split, she lost a tooth, spent a long time in the hospital and walks with a cane. She has suffered with a lot of pain through out her body ever since the accident. Ketut also suffers from asthma.

Lia, the director of the children’s home said there was a lady that would like us pray for her. It was our lunch time and I was thinking “Not now”!!

It turned out she was in a lot of pain and was using crutches to walk.

We ministered to her and she was completely healed. Then we heard her story:

The night before she came to us she had a dream. In her dream a man came to her. She believed He was Jesus and told her to come to us and she would receive healing for all her pain and asthma, and to drink a glass of water.

We didn’t know about the water until she actually drank the cup that my wife Terry gave her.

The video shows the results as her whole body is now pain free. As I ministered to her asthma I could feel her lungs open deeply as she took deep breaths of air! She said that the sensation she felt was like a “new medicine” and drinking the glass of water helped to complete the dream she had.

I think this is an example of the power needed by followers of Jesus to demonstrate to the world that we can command healing, not only to prove the Gospel, but to demonstrate to the shamans of the areas we are in, that our God heals for free and we do not have to “beg” or appease the demons for healing! Many Christians will go to shamans for healing because there is no healing for them in their church. I have folks who have done this.”

“Jaime Alonso”, Missionary who trained with The Elijah Challenge
March 15, 2018