Reports from Subodh Jena Kumar

December 1. 2013

We would like to share with you a report we just received from our brother and co-worker in India, Subodh Jena Kumar. Last October he conducted The Elijah Challenge Training in Daringbadi Baptist Church for 70-plus servants of God. He has just received reports from them echoing what one shared with him: “What I did not see in my 21 years of ministry now I am seeing”. 

“Pastor Chitrasen informed us that the Lord is using him very powerfully after attending our Elijah Challenge training. He went to his nearby field and visited house to house and saw some infirm people and ministered them one by one: fever gone, throat healed, blood pressure became normal, asthma healed. At that very moment the Lord healed them all. He told me he was amazed that what he did not see in his 21 years of ministry now he is seeing and experiencing. (Thank you so much.)

Pastor Samson is working with the Church of Christ. He wants to have The Elijah Challenge again in Daringbadi for all the pastors’ and leaders’ wives. (To be held probably middle of February or first week of March.) He also suggested it would be arranged in every block, Panchyat and villages so that pastors and leaders will be well equipped. And they will heal the sick in the Hindu villagers.

Pastor Sudam shared with me that earlier in his ministry the believers used to go to the hospital for even small matter. But as they came to know that Lord is doing great things the believers are not going to hospital but rather calling him to minister to them. He was sharing wonderful testimonies.

There was a three-year-old boy who had some demonic oppression, and used to cry at night. Pastor Sudam went and ministered him. The next morning the report came from his father that he slept all night without crying. A brother had a urine infection and was heale. A grandmother was healed from migraine headache.

Pastor Tapan informed me that today in the evening they had a market day. Pastors, evangelists and leaders gathered and discussed about what was happening in their ministries. He said that to his surprise almost all the servants of God told him that they were ministering to the sick and so many healings were taking place in their ministries. What a joy to hear such a marvellous report from the field.”

Report on earlier October 2013 Training Event at Daringbadi Baptst Church

We are very thankful to the Lord to be entrusted with such a teaching. After hosting us and The Elijah Challenge twice in past years in India, Brother Subodh is now equipping and training other servants of God to heal the sick and cast out demons just as he was trained to do. And he will encourage these pastors and leaders to train their congregations in the same way so that every disciple of Jesus Christ will eventually become a fruitful witness of Christ to the Hindus.

We are now more convinced than ever that what we are teaching is not some special gift reserved for “specially-anointed” servants of God or for one-man-show superstar evangelists. It is for every disciple of Christ since we are all called to be witnesses. In the Great Commission passage of Matthew 28:20, Jesus commands us to “teach them (His disciples) to obey everything I have commanded you.”  And the gospels clearly tell us that Jesus commanded His disciples to heal the sick and proclaim the kingdom of God to the lost (Luke 10:9).

May the Lord graciously grant us more and more opportunities around the world to teach and equip the Lord’s servants just as Brother Subodh was equipped when we were in India years ago!