“We [my wife, son, daughter, and I] conducted an evangelistic outreach event at the Friday After Five Music event in Cumberland Maryland.  The evening started with a huge rain storm complete with thunder, lighting and very heavy rain.  Our entire family stood on the back porch of our house and took turns rebuking the storm over Cumberland in Jesus name.  We did this several times but the storm had only lessened slightly, but in spite of this the Lord impressed us to show faith and go to Cumberland anyway.  Being obedient we got in our van and headed to Cumberland, and as expected, when we arrived the storm had passed.  We had just set up our sign when a slight rain starting coming down again, so we again rebuked that rain in Jesus name and the storm stopped almost immediately.  Praise the Lord!

Tom Molskow is the founder of  Evangelism Beyond All Borders

We distributed many tracts, spoke to many people about the Lord, and prayed healing over three people.  We shared the grace of the Gospel with David, an older man who had recently lost his fiancé and stated he “no longer believed in God”, and Gene, a backslidden Christian who had been raised in a legalist church and had never really heard the true Gospel.  Praise the Lord! We prayed healing over several people including Randy, a young man with a heart problem and Gene, an older man also with a heart condition, and also Allen who had back problems. Randy, who had a pacemaker, fell onto the ground for some reason as we prayed over him. He said he felt good afterwards, but that he could not be certain he was healed because due to his pacemaker he normally felt “pretty good” anyway. Gene, the older man with a heart condition, would undergo frequent bouts of dizziness and constant pain. But after we prayed over him he said that the pain was gone, and that he felt “really good.” So everyone reported feeling better, that their pain was gone, and that they would test their healing over the next few days. We praise the Lord for giving us the opportunity to meet and talk with so many interesting people in Cumberland tonight, to share the Gospel with Light and Fire, and for the Grace and Love of His Son, our Savior, Jesus Christ.” May 2015 Tom & his children trained with The Elijah Challenge in Chicago