“Angela was diagnosed with cervical stenosis of the spine a few years ago. She was scheduled for her surgery on May 4 to correct this problem. The only possible treatment for her problem was surgery, and even then it was not certain her problem would be taken care of. She was concerned that after the surgery she might be paralyzed, and besides that her insurance had lapsed. So she decided not to have the surgery.

Her symptoms were many. She had cramps and muscle spasms throughout her back. She had nerve pain in her hips and buttocks. Moreover, she had worn out the cartilage in her left knee. The pain level was a 9 out of 10 overall throughout her body, with 10 being the worst.

I had met Angela over the phone while on the job and so had never met her before. While I was talking to her she told me that she was in pain. I asked if I could minister to her after work, and she said yes. So I called her after work and ministered to her, commanding the cervical stenosis to leave in Jesus’ name along with all the other problems associated with the disease. I commanded cartilage to come into her left knee in name of Jesus.

“She gave her life to the Lord that day because of the miracle…”

At that point Angela said that she felt warmness in her body, and she was shaking. She said all of the pain had left completely. She could not feel any more stiffness or pain in her spine. It had been completely restored by the Lord.

I had her test her healing by walking around. She said that normally when she walked there would be clicking in her bones. But the clicking had gone, and it was no longer painful to walk. I was curious and asked her if she felt something being inserted into her knee. She said no, but she felt warmness everywhere.

After that I asked her if she wanted to accept Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, and she said “yes.” She gave her life to the Lord that day because of the miracle the Lord had done as I ministered to her over the phone in Jesus’ name.

Angela said she will be going to the doctor this week to get it checked out, and she will let me know.”

Sarhonda Brown of Chicago hosts Elijah Challenge Training Events along with her husband Dr. Gabriel Murphy
May 2015