“I was a participant at your training in Kielce, Poland last May 2019. I received your teaching about power, authority and faith. Even during the conference I applied what you taught by ministering at a distance to my daughter in Manchester, England. She was having a headache and fever. After I ministered to her briefly by “saying the word” over her with authority (Luke 7:7), she was instantly healed.

During our summer break in August and September, my daughter and I were in Uganda where I decided to share the teaching from The Elijah Challenge Conference you gave in Poland. I printed out the Workbook and Manual from your website, and gave two days of teaching on how to heal the sick and cast out demons.

After the conference I received many testimonies about the miraculous healings and expulsions of demons taking place place during and after our conference. One of the cases was very interesting.

There was a girl who had been demonized. It had started two years ago after she was bitten by a bat. Her behavior became violent and she could no longer attend school. She became so weak that her parents had to do everything for her, feeding and bathing her. Finally she started to lose her sight and hearing. After over two long years in this unimaginable condition, she was completely delivered and healed in Jesus’ name. Her name is Priscilla.

Priscilla now

Once again thank you for this wonderful teaching. Blessings from Poland!

P.S.  Today over Whatsapp I was ministering to the daughter of my friend who had a very high temperature. She was in the Himalayas. I took authority over the fever four times, commanding it to go down. It obeyed and went from 39°C to 41°C to 36.6°C.  After the fourth time I received information that her temperature had gone down to a normal of 36.6°C. PRAISE THE LORD!!!”

Lukasz G.
September 2019