“This month we had a very fruitful Elijah Challenge Training in a small town called Damanjodi, an industrial area. In attendance were over 120 servants of God from different churches and organisations. There was no space left in the church to sit. It was the first time most of the pastors came with their wives to attend our Elijah Challenge Training, along with a few college students.

In the culture of Orissa women mostly stay home to do housework. Pastors and evangelists normally do not take their wives along for ministry. So everywhere I go I take my wife Rosy in order to encourage others to be more effective in their ministries by getting their families involved.

The leaders testified that they had never heard such teaching anywhere. It was completely new for them. They are now very interested to use the teaching for reaching Hindus for Jesus Christ. When we demonstrated the teaching for the servants of God, many were miraculously healed in Jesus’ name. Instead of taking photos, our cameraman took video and filled up the memory card. So I have copied a few images from the videos.

A woman had a problem with her eyesight. For a long time she was unable to see distance and could see only things close up. It was especially bad at night and so she would not go out when it was dark. The pastors’ wives laid hands on her eyes and ministered to her. Her vision was miraculously restored and she could see very clearly. It was very touching to the many infirm people sitting there who had much expectation of being healed.

An elderly woman had a problem with her leg for the past six months. From her knee to the lower part of her leg she suffered from a lot of pain. For that reason she did not go out even for personal reasons. We had the trained women servants of God minister to her, and instantly she was healed from the long-term pain. She moved about here and there without any pain or problem.

A young college student had heavy pressure and pain in her head. She felt like her head was moving here and there. Praise the Lord as soon as we ministered to her by touching her head in Jesus’ name it left. Right there she testified that she was completely healed.

A young lady was not able to move her right leg and her knee was painful for many months. Our trained women servants of God laid hands on her, and she was healed. She testified that she felt some “heavy” power touch the very painful part of her knee. [Note: she likely felt the “dunamis” healing power of Jesus Christ as in Mark 5:30.]

A woman had swelling in the lower part of her womb for a long time. She had already applied a lot of medication but it did not help. Our trained ladies laid hands on her womb along with her pastor husband and ministered to her. Wonderfully the swelling disappeared.

Thank you so much for your prayer and support for this ministry.”

Subodh Jena Kumar, Elijah Challenge Orissa Coordinator
Orissa, India

July 19, 2015

Reports from Subodh Jena Kumar