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This nameless sister attended The Elijah Challenge Advanced Training in Houston in February 2008.

"I am now in [the mission field] teaching and evangelizing. Today, I was able to put into practice The Elijah Challenge. I chose to do so only after evangelism teaching and call. 180 women attending, mostly church members, 21 brand new a wife of a witchdoctor, another a mother of a member for whom everyone had prayed for a long time. Many of the rest were visitors, praise God. After lunch, more teaching and then healing. A crippled woman stands straight, a woman in great pain dancing down the aisle, a headache gone, a shoulder pain gone, a leg pain gone, a broken heart and fear removed.

I teach before healing that God uses healing to give people a 'taste of the kingdom of God'---it is not salvation. They are to "go and sin no more." God wants to give them hope. When time for testimonies came, no one spoke, then it began to pour so hard that one could barely think, much less hear. We stopped and sang until it stopped. This was used by God to give people time to see their own healing and testimonies began to come. As we were praising and hearing testimonies I had a sudden sharp pain in my palm that was so painful I couldn't touch it. A black spot appeared. I immediately considered evil influence, but I was not afraid for I stand in the blood of Christ. Prayed with a friend, the pain went away and the black spot nearly gone now (a day later). It was a blessed day."

May 2, 2008


Luke 10:9 "Heal the sick who are there and tell them, 'The kingdom of God is near you.’"