Praise Report from Elijah Challenge Workers in North India – July 2021

The month of July began with 26 baptisms in Delhi on July 3, 2021. Although there are still restrictions on public gatherings, we were able to have small group meetings and visitations. The Bethel Church senior members in Delhi were able to visit new believers and those who were recently baptized. They guided and helped these families in sanctification of their homes by removing all idols, pictures and idol worshipping materials. The evangelistic work continues in Delhi as the Lord guides and direct our church members to spread the gospel through witness and preaching. In one house meeting in a Hindu family a paralyzed man got healed and after seeing the miracle all 11 family members accepted Jesus Christ as Lord.


Shakuntala Chand (Gullie) visited Punjab and ministered in Amritsar and the neighboring rural areas. Three days meetings were organized in Baba Nanak Dera (Randhawa) & Rajender Nagar (New Amritsar). Pastor Vikas Teji (Mona), Pastor Sukhvir, Pastor Gurwant Raj, Pastor Nishant and Pastor Sukhvinder worked alongside Shakuntala to minister in these meetings.

The two days meeting in Baba Nanak Dera, Randhawa was attended by over 275 people each day. More than 130+ people accepted Jesus Christ over the two days meetings. Shakuntala and Pastor Vikas Teji prayed over sick and needy. People possessed by evil spirits were set free. Due to time constrain and service continuing till late night not many people could come forward to testify. However, a great move of Holy Spirit was witnessed in these meetings. Both days food was served to all after the gospel meetings.

In a one-day meeting at Rajender Nagar, New Amritsar more than 350 people attended the meeting. Over 150 people accepted Jesus Christ. The local church and Pastor Guruwant Raj will continue to be in touch and follow up with these new believers. Many people testified of the touch of the Holy Spirit including two young boys who committed their lives to Jesus and with the power of the Holy Spirt they were set free from the evil spirit of drug addiction. Another woman with tumor in her stomach was released and her tumor was gone after ministry. Two other women testified of tumor going missing from their throats/necks after the ministry. Many other experienced the move of the Holy Spirit and were set free from the evil spirits and were healed from their ailments. Food was served to all after the meeting.


In July many people were baptized in Punjab. Most of these baptisms are the result of the evangelistic meetings held in June. 24 people were baptized in Amritsar and 18 people in Firozpur. We praise God for saving these precious souls.

Bethel Church in Delhi continue to have an online church service with Shakuntala leading the church and Nishant David preaching the word of God. In July two new families joined the church, which includes the family of the person who got healed from paralysis and another lady who got healed from an ailment in her legs. The Bethel Church members led these two families to Jesus Christ.

The daily online prayer meeting continues with Shakuntala, Shobha and Shwetna praying daily for all the prayer requests received and for all the sick and needy joining us online at 1100 hrs every day.

The construction of new church building in Amritsar started by Pastor Simon Haqq has resumed work after a pause of a few months. The construction of walls is completed but the work on lintel and roof is pending. We request all our partners to pray and support for completion of this church building.

We praise God and thank Him for His goodness!