Below is one of many new testimonies of miracles we have seen through the Elijah Challenge Training:
“Saturday we visited the Full Gospel Seventh Day Baptist Church to share the testimony of our Elijah Challenge Training experience.  After sharing our experience we were asked if we could pray over Natalie, a young teenage girl.  Natalie had a very severe heart problem, which caused her to not receive sufficient blood flow to her extremities and brain.  This problem caused such extreme fatigue and weakness that Natalie had to drop out of school, and could not work.  We immediately agreed to pray over Natalie but we asked that this be done after the service so that everything could be done in an orderly fashion.  
After the service the believers who had received our testimony, my family & I along with Natalie went to the church basement.  We gave the believers a very quick class in healing the sick in the Kingly power and authority of Jesus Christ.  We also taught about mountain-moving faith and perseverance.  After this brief teaching all the believers joined with us to lay hands on Natalie and begin to command healing in the Authority and Power of Jesus Christ. 

“The room went wild with praise as we thanked Jesus for His power, authority and love.”

At first Natalie felt no difference.  Then, as we persevered, he heart began to feel “weird”.  Finally as we persevered using the authority and power of Jesus Christ, Natalie, as well as those who ministered to her, began to see the Lord healing her heart.  Pastor Ron also recommended that we cast out a spirit of depression, as well as another spirit, which we did.  Finally, we felt that Natalie was completely healed and we asked her to test the healing.
Before we prayed over Natalie, she could barely walk down the stairs before she felt great fatigue.  We asked Natalie to try to walk up and down the stairs.  Natalie ran up and down the stairs five times laughing as she went.  The room went wild with praise as we thanked Jesus for His power, authority and love.
God’s power is as real as is his love and salvation for fallen humanity.  As we act in His power we testify of His love and salvation, and lives are changed forever.
“I assure you: The one who believes in Me will also do the works that I do. And he will do even greater works than these, because I am going to the Father.” (John 14:12)
Grace to You,
Evangelist Tom Molskow
Evangelism Beyond All Boundaries


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