Albert Kang of Malaysia is the Coordinator for Elijah Challenge Asia
November 2012 

Reports from Albert Kang

Freedom Church was only 6 months old but she is ready for greater things in Christ. Even though Sister Grace and I were supposed to have our holiday in Phuket but we thank God for the opportunity to minister healing at Freedom Church. Pastor David Tan, a missionary from Malaysia to Phuket, had invited us to minister at this new church.

During the healing service, a vision-impaired man could see after Pastor David Tan laid hands on him. An elderly man with a frozen shoulder was healed. Two leaders were also miraculously healed. Brother Pi Lek was healed of his shoulder and arm pain. Brother Neng was healed of his back pain. A lady was healed of migraine headache. At the end of the service, Sister Grace healed a lady of chronic back and shoulder pain. The look of surprise was written all over the lady’s face. There were many other healing testimonies.

The best part of the healing service at Freedom Church was that four Thai Buddhists gave their lives to Christ. Pastor Too gave the altar call and these four responded. They saw and experienced the healing miracles and they did not need any more reasons to believe that Jesus is God. What a wonderful conclusion to a already beautiful service.

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