Rohan Rambally hosted The Elijah Challenge in Trinidad in June 2012
July 2013

Report on June 2012 Elijah Challenge Training in Trinidad

Reports from Rohan Rambally of Trinidad


On July 16, 2013, Rohan wrote us and Pete Cabrera: “Thank you for imparting the Elijah Challenge into my life. This [the results of the event in Canada described below] is the result of your precious seed in my life [planted at The Elijah Challenge Training in June 2012].”

Pastor Wade Bowers and Harvest Time Revival in Ontario, Canada hosted Prophet Rohan Rambally in July 2013. Below is his message of appreciation to Rohan following the event.

“Greetings in Jesus’ Wonderful Name!!!

What a time we had with Prophet Rohan this time around; where do I begin?

First, allow me to give God all the Glory, and for sending prophet Rohan our way!! What a blessing to have prophet Rohan with us.

Where do I begin? Miracles upon miracles took place over these few precious meetings; souls saved; legs “growing out”. (I can watch that a thousand times and still be excited as if it was my first time seeing it.)

This is what I have been preaching and believing for years. I have experienced God’s miracles over the years, but this time Prophet Rohan used by God took it to another level!! PRAISE GOD!! The congregation will never be the same! Hallelujah!! 

Oh yes, gall bladder recreated; knees healed; joints and pain and arthritis delivered and healed;  people coming out of walkers and walking again; ears healed from deafness. On and on, miracles after miracles. What a time we had in God’s Presence during the meetings. God is and will be doing awesome miracles in the days and months to come.

The congregation doubted at first—an honest doubt, never having seen this before—but when they saw the miracles and healings it lifted their faith to an higher level in God!! We are still praising God!! These are definitely the days of signs and wonders. And just imagine that God used a Trini to work through—that’s a miracle right there.

Thank you, Prophet Rohan, for obeying God in spite of setbacks and sacrificing. You have been, and will always be a blessing. Stay sweet before the Lord as we continue to pray for you and the ministry.”

Because of Calvary,

– Pastor Wade and Grace and Harvest Time Revival
Ontario, Canada