Richard Hawke leads Elijah Challenge South Australia along with Neville Krieg

Friday, May 3, 2013

The Elijah Challenge in Australia

Once again we were greatly blessed at our most recent outreach at Whitmore Square. Thank you for those of you who were able to pray.

The team arrived to set up around 2.30 pm (during winter we have to finish a lot earlier as the night sets in about 5.30 pm) and the park was almost empty. At the time we prayed and were due to start, only a few homeless people sat on the benches. Nick began with his guitar and sang for a good 30 minutes. Still just a handful. The message was about to be given but there was no audience!

We prayed and sensed the Lord lead us to step out in faith. Rangi began his testimony (a very powerful story), and people began to come from nowhere. By the time his message was in full swing there was a strong number listening intently to every word that was spoken.

Praise God, a number came forward to be ministered to after the message, including for healing. In terms of ministry it was one of the most fruitful outreaches we have done.

As the barbecue was about to be served the Oz Harvest truck pulled up loaded with fresh salads, sandwiches and other food donated from restaurants and supermarkets, all of which we were able to give away. People from both the homeless community and even some local residents joined the queue for food, many going back the second and third time.

Once again we stand in awe of God and all He has done in our midst.

Recent miraculous healings 

In terms of the recent miraculous healings at Clovercrest Baptist Church, one man (a business manager) in his 60s who has had a chronic heart condition, was in the midst of having a heart attack while away with friends on holidays. His friends who have been linked with the ministry at Whitmore Square, ministered to him with authority in Jesus’ name, and it appears a permanent breakthrough took place. He testified on Monday night to this.

The second person was a young man who is a member of the local council here in Tea Tree Gully. He has had a very bad and painful skin condition for about 12 months. No treatment worked. Ann Hey (who serves with Operation Mobilization) ministered to him. He testified to a complete breakthrough and his skin is now completely well.

This is wonderful to see God at work in our midst.