By Butch Berner in Zambia

Pastor Enok’s son had killed a snake earlier in the morning and they “saved” it for us to see. Just a few week prior and in the same area, a 12-13 ft. python had been killed on its way to take chickens as prey. This time, less volume but more punch as we found a 7-8 ft. mamba! Like I have said for quite some time, things are bigger and meaner in Africa. This deadly snake can kill a full grown man in 15 minutes or less. We were praising God that we did not meet up with one of these nasty things while out doing visitation!


Very deadly mamba

After seeing the snake and taking these photos, Butch went on to town with his group while my truck load went to Pastor Enok’s to drop off some fuel for his motorcycle. He and his wife, Judith, proudly showed us around their place. Sleeping and storage house, outdoor cooking area, chicken coops, corn crib, etc. In the distance my eye caught hold of a house with new stuccoing on it. Beautifully hand stucco in a variety of colors plaster ever so carefully with the words, “I love Jesus”. When asked who lived there, Judith quickly responded in English, “That is Intuliwe’s house…my daughter in law.” A few of us walked over to have a better look and take a photo opportunity while 3 stayed behind chatting about village life with Pastor Enok.


Intuliwe’s house

What I found when we returned just about broke my heart. 9 year old Christine, Intuliwe’s daughter, was carried out of her house and placed on reed mat. Lying without ability to move, speak, or even lift her head, tears streamed down her face. I asked what had happened as she was considerably worse than the day before when I found her at the clinic with Judith (and prayed for her there believing God would heal her).

Story goes that she started “fitting” (seizures of some kind) and jerking about without being able to converse or explain what was happening. The clinic sent her home because they did not know what to do for her. I offered to take her to the hospital but Pastor Enok informed me that Intuliwe had gone out “to look for money” to take her to Makunka Hospital (which is a very good hospital compared to Livingstone’s medical facilities). We must have prayed and commanded healing to come for some bit of time and then all of felt God saying that was sufficient. So, I brought him some K 30,000 (all I had) in hopes it was enough for a transport to Makunka.

The following day we followed up on her condition only to find that she did not travel to Makunka because she was well, was walking, talking and had regained her appetite. Even today, I asked Pastor Enok again how she was doing…fine, she is just fine.

We praise God for this healing and many others we have witnessed here while doing outreaches, a crusade and during church services. Matthew 10:1 “Jesus called his twelve disciples to him and gave them authority to drive out impure spirits and to heal every disease and sickness.”