The Miraculous Healings

Below are a few of the many miraculous healings that took place at the meeting

The Historic Crusade Meeting

The wheelchair section

Woman emaciated by cancer (center left, with hands raised) was carried to the meeting by eight friends; she climbs up to platform by herself and testifies (below) she has been healed by the Lord Jesus Christ. It was reported in May 2009 that she is fine and continues to be in good health.


42-year-old man deaf and mute since birth hears and begins to speak


Eighteen-year-old woman blind from birth in right eye sees clearly through the eye

Woman at right testified the cancer in her breast had disappeared
Elderly woman at left was overcome by emotion


Various paralytics and stroke victims—some of whom had been bedridden for years—who were healed and began to walk 

In the insert, a government official in the wheelchair (foreground) is receiving healing ministry by a pastor. As Jesus heals him, he walks out of the wheelchair and removes his sweater and hat, revealing pajamas underneath 



Cameramen and photographers scrambled to capture
the amazing testimonies on film

Testifying through tears of gratitude

Paralyzed man does deep knee bends

Grateful to the Lord Jesus for her healing

Amazing grace!

Thank you, Jesus!

Made whole in Jesus’ name

Jesus did many other miraculous healings at this meeting, which are not recorded on this page. But these are written that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God, and that by believing you may have life in his name!

God has restored His miraculous healing power to His persecuted Church in this communist country.