Richard Hawke & Neville Krieg lead Elijah Challenge South Australia
October 2012

The Elijah Challenge in Australia

We praise God for the time we had at the Whitmore Square October Outreach. There was so much to give thanks for:

  • The weather was fine and warm, a welcome change after the last few months when it has often been cold and overcast.
  • The number of street people who turned out was beyond our expectations.
  • There was a wonderful spirit as people gathered together with the worship playing in the background both during the ministry time and for the barbeque.
  • A testimony was shared and a clear gospel message was proclaimed simply and boldly.
  • Many responded afterwards for prayer, for bibles, and just for a listening ear.
  • Right at the end of outreach, after pack up was complete, three people remained on the Square. Two of these were ministered to for healing in the authority of Jesus and both were amazed at the changes that God brought to their respective conditions.
  • After a short  declaration of what Jesus has done and two very specific prayers in the name of Jesus Christ, one man using a walking stick to get around, (popped knee cap) reported a great deal more movement than before in a knee that was essentially unmovable.
  • In amazement, a woman standing by then also asked for prayer.  After quite short but specific prayer in the name of Jesus Christ, she was asked how she felt. Her first response was to try and raise her arms above her head, in doing so she cried out in amazement that she could now do this without pain.  She said it had been a long time since she could raise her arms above her head.
  • For the growing team who serve in many different ways and the divine appointments that God continues to open up for us each week. Just this week a young Maori Christian joined in the worship and we were all blessed by his singing.
  • The offer by one of our supporters to modify our sound system to make it more flexible, as well as simpler to set up and store away.

-Nev and Richard