Physician’s Assistant Philip Chii prays over patients at clinic

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Many people came to the gospel tent meetings drawn by our medical clinics which offered basically free medical treatment. As early as 5:30 AM, the sick began to wait outside the gates of our compound hoping to gain entrance into the clinic which would not open until 1:00 PM after the morning tent meeting. Over the four days of the Campaign, the clinic saw approximately 1,000 patients.


Steve Austin, Steve Austin Ministries

“At the medical clinics, I laid hands on a man who had a fractured vertebrae and herniated disc in his back, which caused terrible pain. The Egyptian doctor showed my the X-ray and explained that unless the Lord did a miracle, the only solution to this man’s problem was surgery. The man also had a lot of pain in his knees. First I ministered to his knees reasoning, “I’ll start with the easier problem first and if he gets healed it will strengthen his faith enough to receive a healing for the back problem.” Sure enough, after laying hands on his knees, he reported that they were significantly better. Then I laid hands on his back and ministered to that area for about two minutes. I commanded the fractured vertebrae to be healed and the disc to go back into place in Jesus’ name. After I was finished, the man turned and left because there were so many others waiting to be ministered to and I never knew what happened. The next day, the same Egyptian doctor told me the man was healed and that he confirmed it by another X-ray. He said there was no more fractured vertebrae, no more herniated disc and no more pain! Hallelujah! Glory to God!

I also ministered to many people at the clinics who has arthritis, bursitis or rheumatism in their knees or other joints who were healed. When they received a healing, you could tell it was legitimate because their whole face would light up and they would look amazed. A few people even shouted for joy. This one lady in particular had terrible pain in her left leg. I don’t even know what was causing it, but she was in tears. I only ministered to her once and she was healed. She was absolutely beside herself with joy and amazement at what God had done.”


Local Egyptian Christian physicians treat the poor at our clinics


A woman totally blind in one eye visited our eyeglass clinic. Although the attending worker, Joshua Chen of the evangelical Houston Chinese Church, could not help her blindness with a pair of eyeglasses, he prayed over her blind eye in the name of Jesus. Joshua then tested her vision in the blind eye and discovered that the Lord had restored her sight in the eye and she could see clearly! At right, Joshua is examining another patient in the eye clinic. 


Jennifer Campbell, Open Door Fellowship, Texas

“One afternoon while I was in the medical clinic, I was praying for the people before they went in to see the doctor. One of the young men, Nabil, was there translating for me. He and I began to see God heal several women of severe pain. The awesome thing was he began to minister. He was my translator, but he too caught the elijah challenge and began to minister healing in the name of Jesus. The other thing that was awesome about the clinic was the way the people wanted to be prayed for and whether they got healed or not, they were so grateful to be prayed for. It was as if God was loving on them right there in the waiting room.”