May 2014

Reports from Subodh Jena Kumar

In connection with his return visit to Dulki where he preached the gospel and planted a church in March 2014 (“Thousands of Hindus come to Christ where Australian missionary was martyred in 1999“), Brother Subodh was given a surprise invitation to minister at a nearby event where the originally invited servant of God fell ill and was unable to go. This area is inhabited by the Santali people and is precisely where Graham Staines and his family ministered before he was killed.

Brother Subodh wrote:

“Around four hundred people attended from three surrounding villages. Hindus were also there who accepted the Christ. The Lord healed many sick people and delivered some from demon spirits. I will write and send a report with photos.

The gospel was planted there by Dr. Graham Staines in 1985. There was a pastor who was taking care of that village, but after Graham Staines was martyred the pastor left and fear came upon the villages. From there we visited the village of Manoharpur and stood in the very spot where he and two young sons were burnt alive. We were sad to see that the church he started has almost collapsed. We met with people who were eyewitnesses of the incident. They shared with us how very painful it was. Thank you so much for your support to reach such places with gospel.”

The following slightly edited account of the incident is taken from Wikipedia:

“According to reports, a mob of about 50 people, armed with axes and other implements, attacked the vehicle while Staines and the children were fast asleep [inside the vehicle because of the severe cold] and his station wagon was set alight by the mob. Graham, Philip and Timothy [10 and 6 years old, respectively] were burnt alive. Some villagers reportedly tried unsuccessfully to rescue Staines and his sons.[6] Staines and his sons apparently tried to escape, but were allegedly prevented by a mob.”[7]

The actual report on the evangelistic event:

Several hundred accept Jesus in remote village pioneered by martyred missionary Graham Staines