Don Swarm took The Elijah Challenge Training twice

December 2012 

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“I took the Elijah Challenge Training in Houston, Texas in June 2012. I am now seeing more people healed with this understanding.

While in church on Sunday morning, December 23, 2012  a man wasn’t feeling well. They told me they were taking him to the hospital and asked if someone could take care of his three children. I thought to myself why call a doctor—we were in a church with hundreds of believers, and we could minister healing.

His wife came up to me and asked if I could help. You see, this man knew my understanding about healing. When I got to the front of the church, there was his doctor and a nurse with him (they all attend the same church). He was in a lot of pain. His blood pressure was through the roof, and he was very pale. I knew if I didn’t do something fast he was going to die.

I said, “let me in there.” I asked the doctor and nurse to step aside a bit so I could have more room. I told him I was going to minister healing. Someone said that they had already prayed for him. 

I asked, “whom did you talk to?”

“God,” they answered.

Then I knew it was a time to not only heal this man, but to teach it. I said, “I am not going to ask God to heal him; I am going to do it myself. Then I will thank God for his healing; watch and see.”

It took me about one minute. I stood up and told his wife he would be OK. As I was explaining to them how to minister healing, his blood pressure dropped according to the nurse after she checked it again.

The ambulance arrived and the EMTs came running into the church. I rode in the ambulance with him. The doctors in the Emergency Room told us there was nothing wrong with him. I called his mom and children and told them he was fine. He was hugging me and thanking me. I hitched a ride back with him and his wife. We were laughing and went to get his kids and get some lunch.

I had trained with The Elijah Challenge, so I knew what to do. I watched it online and listen to the MP3s, and then I went to Houston and sat in the class. Some of my family thought I was nuts for traveling clear across the country to sit in this training. But now they are glad I did.

You see, this man was my own brother!”

Don Swarm, Northwestern Pennsylvania

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