Peter Pap and  Modern Jesus Army of England trained with The Elijah Challenge
August 2013

We have just come back from the YNOT festival, which is an alternative music festival attended by 10,000, mostly young people. It was a very good and challenging time. We ministered to at least 111 people. We fully healed 68 people, partially healed 9, could not heal 9, there were another 4 where you could not tell the result without medical examination and another 23 people came to us with other than physical needs. (I attach our list of healing pdf file).

There were several occasions when we ministered with faith but the healing did not take place – so we are a bit puzzled about these. Some of these were not even big things (like insect bite, lost voice and shoulder pain)…

Our team was a 4 member team again, 2 of us a bit more experienced, 2 first timers 🙂  I think they really benefited from our healing tent weekend.

One of the most beautiful things were when people from last year came to greet us and told us how their healing changed their lives, made them open to God during the last 12 months and so on. Some brought and introduced their friends and if they had any physical needs we healed them too. We had several comments about how we changed their view on Jesus – especially that instead of “stuffing Christianity down their throat” we simply loved and healed people. This approach seems to win people. There were groups of people who came for blessing or prayer, and several people received Jesus and/or the Holy Spirit as a result.