For years, we have been trying to share the Gospel with our neighbors. The ones who live to the left of our house pray to idols placed in a Chinese altar out in the garden right next to our fence. Just a few days before Chinese New Year, the mother was having pain in her arm. It was so bad that she had to get a part-time maid to help her clean the house. She first told Grace about it. Grace shared with her about the healing power of God, but she was quite skeptical.

A few days later, I was cleaning my front porch, and this lady was cleaning hers too. So I took the opportunity to ask her about her infirmity. She complained of the mysterious pain that suddenly affected her right shoulder and arm. Like Grace, I shared with her about Christ and His power to heal. She was not very convinced. Then I told her it was not about going to church but all she needed to do if the Creator God healed her, was to give thanks to Him. Finally she relented and agreed to be healed. I then asked her to lay hand on the painful part of her arm. Right over the fence, next to her Chinese altar, I took the authority and power over that pain. On the first command, she felt improvement. By the fourth command, the power of God had touched her arm and she was healed. The pain left her arm and to my pleasant surprise, she immediately raised her hands to heaven and said, “Thank you, God!” Now, we are waiting for the right opportunity to visit her home and share Christ with the whole family. Praise the Lord.

Meanwhile, we are ministering long distance to a couple of people. A non-believer came with his wife to High Praise Church after being told of The Elijah Challenge healing ministry. He is suffering from lung cancer and it is in the 4th stage. He was so ready for God to touch him so much so that he accepted Jesus as his Savior after we explained to him for half-an-hour about the love of God. Then we commanded his lungs to be healed in the mighty name of Jesus. He felt better at that moment. We told him to continue the treatment that his doctors had prescribed. He is from Seremban and so we continue to minister with long distance command.

A brother from Sabah called in distress. He is the son of an elder from SIB and he suspected that he may be having aids. He had sinned against God by doing something that he should not do. The initial blood tests were negative but he is still living in fear. We are ministering to him long distance too.

Talking about training, we have trained five people in The Elijah Challenge. During the training, one of the participants was healed of her arthritic knees and was able to climb up and down the stairs without pain. She was so thrilled and could not stopped smiling. The rest of the team was elated too. A couple who is from our church will head up the Healing Team in High Praise. We are expecting 8 people to heal the infirm after every service. Finally, we are making headway in the healing ministry at High Praise Church.

Grace and I were visiting the Orang Asli with another mission team. Activities were at the social hall where most of the villagers attended. A hundred yards from the social hall was an Orang Asli named Ramli. He had injured himself badly in a motorcycle accident. He could not walk… until the healing power of Jesus came upon him. His painful leg became better as Grace and I commanded healing in the name of Jesus. Praise the Lord for His healing power!