Iraq vet AA and his wife BB trained with The Elijah Challenge in 2016, and are now powerfully used by the Lord around the world. (
(Jerusalem in background)

“Here is a little bit about our recent mission trip to Israel, which was awesome! Not as fruitful as some of the others in terms of immediate salvation’s, but still a success. We seen most of the major sights and evangelized/prayed for people during. We seen at least one person get healed and/or say the prayer of salvation at each site. It was pretty awesome to see people get healed at the same spots Jesus healed people and really awesome to see someone get saved as they were stepping out of the tomb where Jesus rose from the dead! A friend and I really felt the presence of the Lord come over us while standing in the tomb, like a supernatural wind hitting us. There was a man standing inside with us at the same time. We didn’t know if he felt it, but after he left my wife Ashley led him to the Lord and he told her he was searching to find Jesus and after receiving Him he felt an amazing peace come upon him. Ashley got words from the Lord for Him that were accurate that just solidified to him that Jesus is real. 
We were in a church on top of Peter’s house and I seen a woman that had a brace on her hand. I asked if I could pray for her, she was surprised, but said yes. I commanded the pain to leave in Jesus name. Then asked her if it’s better. She wasn’t sure, so I did it a second time. Then she got healed. She walked away and took her brace off and was moving it all around. After she left, my wife urged me to give her a Bible tract and have her say the prayer of salvation. So I ran after her and gave it to her and had her say the prayer, she was so thankful for all of it. Then her husband came up. He had bad eyes, so I prayed over him and he said he was better too. They both got healed and said the prayer of salvation’s and were so thankful.  We had several cool encounters like that with people that involved salvation and healing. 
We did two power and authority training meetings. The pastor that let us speak oversees over 300 house churches in Israel. The Lord is doing amazing things through him. I taught the believers on power and authority and taught people to heal like Jesus did. It seemed like they understood it and were excited to receive it. We seen about 10 people healed at the fist meeting of 40 people and about the same at the next meeting with 30 people. Most of the healings were pain in different parts of the body. We were able to encourage them as well, since there is a lot of persecution over there. Many of them renewed their faith and came back to the Lord.  We also had 13 new people accept Jesus as their savior at one of the meetings. That was good to see. 
We also met a man name Elias Boaz from Bethlehem. He can trace his family lineage about 750 years back and believes he is from the Boaz family from the Bible. He is hungry for the Lord, but sad because all of his family left Israel and says so many Christians are leaving the country. Everyone we talk to say that at the rate it is going, all the Christians will be gone in two years. Mainly because of persecution and discrimination. I told him I was going to send him The Elijah Challenge training and am going to try and disciple him and possibly start a house church over there and have him lead it. 

I tried to shorten it up as much as I could. There are many more awesome testimonies to share from the trip as well.”

Word of knowledge received for man’s heart condition
Bad back healed in Jesus’ name
Knee miraculously healed

Helping a stranded man