“Gurdrshan comes from a Punjabi background. His daughter Sonia had recently given her life to Jesus after she was miraculously healed from skin allergies.

Yesterday he was diagnosed with COVID-19. As he was telling his family about this, Sonia shared her testimony how the Lord had supernaturally healed her of her allergies. Since Gurdrshan didn’t know Jesus, he asked Sonia to call and to request prayer for him. Sonia called our Delhi prayer helpline where our Elijah Challenge-trained worker cursed the deadly virus in the name of Jesus, commanding it to die.

Instantly the symptoms of COVID-19 in Gurdrshan’s body disappeared. After that he was able to sleep fitfully. Later our worker advised him to take another COVID-19 test. By God’s grace the report came back negative.

Gurdrshan’s entire family accepted Jesus Christ, and threw out all their old Sikh traditions.”

Elijah Challenge Co-Worker in North India
September 14, 2020


Gurdrshan & daughter Sonia