“Greetings to you in Jesus’ precious name. Thank you so much for your prayers and support for us.  Praise the Lord for His wonderful grace and protection over us and over our entire ministry in the states of Orissa and in Chhattisgarh. God is doing mighty things through our Elijah Challenge workers. Every month hundreds of people are getting healed from all kinds of diseases and accepting Christ.  Let me share with you a few outstanding reports from our workers in the field.

A woman named Gita was suffering from bleeding. She was unable to get well even after a lot of treatment in various places. But praise the Lord, after two of our Elijah Challenge workers went to that village to minister to her, she was completely healed. Her family was very grateful to God for this great healing. They accepted Jesus Christ as their personal Saviour.

In a village called Tumbermunda there lived a woman named Minza whose entire body was swollen and itching. In the beginning she had applied some local ointment, but then the swelling and itching spread all over her body. After two of our Elijah Challenge workers ministered to her, she was healed.

In the village of Tumbermunda, a two-year-old boy was suffering from diarrhea and had been vomiting for three days. He was very weak, and the family thought that their little boy might not survive. One night two of our Elijah Challenge workers went to their home and ministered to the boy. Our Lord graciously touched the little boy, and he was miraculously healed.

In a certain family a young woman named Junita had been married for six years without bearing any children. For two or three years she and her husband had no problem in their marriage, but in the third year they started quarrelling. Several times Junita was beaten up by her husband. Although he was not a drinker, her husband started to drink almost every night. Somehow Junita heard about our workers, and contacted them requesting them to visit their home. Our brothers went and listened to them share about their problems. They encouraged them to believe on Jesus Christ. Afterwards they ministered to both husband and wife. Miraculously Junita is now pregnant. Her husband, who had been planning to divorce her, confessed what he had done to her and asked for her forgiveness. Now the family has accepted Jesus Christ. Every week our Elijah Challenge workers go there for prayer, now not only with Junita and her husband, with but with five new families as well.

An elderly man living in a village called Tiper had been suffering from a burning sensation in his hands. Even after receiving medication he still did not recover. So the family concluded that it was the work of a sorcerer. And so they called another sorcerer who sacrificed a goat and a chicken. But still there was no change. He could not even raise his hands to clap since there was no strength in his hands. Our two Elijah Challenge workers went to his village to minister to him. When they rebuked the demon, it manifest itself. The elderly gentleman started dancing and mocking our workers! But with great authority in the name of Jesus they commanded the demon to go, and it left instantly. The family accepted Christ Jesus. Once a week now a prayer fellowship meets in Tiper.”

Elijah Challenge Coordinator
March 23, 2019

Extraordinarily unusual healing & deliverance results in new house church in unreached Hindu village

Failing kidneys restored, epilepsy healed, heart disease healed, unclean spirit cast out