Steve & Carol Jackson are based in Tulsa, Oklahoma

“We continue on with healing the sick and bringing people to the Lord here. In the last 6 years Carol and I have been able to able to bring healing to probably 2,100 people and have seen probably 400 [people] come to the Lord, many people baptized in the Holy Spirit and demons cast out. We don’t have numbers of those healed, saved, etc. among those we have trained because many of them have subsequently moved away and continue where they have moved to. We see more people healed than saved here because there are lots of backslidden people here. Many of them come back to the Lord when God heals them.

We have taken our team out every Saturday to the malls, outdoor flea market, homeless camps and centers, parks, main bus station, Walmarts, etc. for those 6 years.

But since we came across The Elijah Challenge back in November 2021, the number of healings has gone up dramatically using your methodology. The most valuable aspect was ministering by Authority, not by priestly or prophetic actions. I don’t know of any other teaching like that.

So many Christians want to pray and they don’t realize Jesus himself never did that but taught speaking to the “mountain” to bring healing and cast out demons. But old traditions die hard and slow. Unfortunately, many times they never die. So I thank you for your diligence to continue to help believers to know they can heal just like Jesus did, and the 12, and the 70. That has been passed on to us!”