We’d like to tell you the story of a little boy named Kit Chiang we took in shortly after we arrived in West Borneo back in 1980. Diminutive Kit Chiang even at the age of 12 years could not read. With his father trying to scratch out a living, Kit Chiang was mostly left to fend for himself and his younger brother. Because he was so small, at home he had to climb on top of a chair to reach the kerosene burner just to fry eggs for himself and his brother. Often we saw him running around the village like a waif shirtless and shoeless, wearing only a pair of shorts. 
Little Kit Chiang came to stay with us in our home, helping out with daily chores. We taught him and other village children how to read. He attended the very first gospel meetings (below) we held in the tiny front room of our house, and he came to know the Lord Jesus. Over the years he grew in faith. The Lord was with him.
kit chiang1.jpg
A Kong, seated just left of 12-year-old Kit Chiang wearing shorts, was under 5 feet tall
Years later in 1987 we were forced to leave Indonesia to return to the States after leading many to Christ, making disciples, and planting churches in the region. 
Fast forward to the present…
On Thursday, February 14, 2019 after flying into West Borneo we were met at the airport by a gentleman with an automobile who oversees 80 churches in West Borneo for his denomination Gereja Pemberita Injil. He has a Masters Degree in Theology who has ministered internationally within Asia. He and his wife are the proud parents of four daughters, the oldest one of which just graduated from university. He put us up in a new Western-style hotel for the night since the boat to take us to our remote final destination would not leave until the next morning.
The gentleman’s name is Kit Chiang.
-Founders of The Elijah Challenge