Mark Meyers, an attorney, leads Elijah Challenge Houston

Two testimonies from November 2012

My father went to ICU on Friday in Covington, Louisiana with a blood clot in his heart. He is 90 years old and came to the Lord at 88 but is still in emotional bondage. We drove to Covington. They put him on Heparin but the pulmonologist told us to expect the worst – he had never seen a clot that big in all his years practicing. At some point it would break free and likely kill him. He told us it was extremely unlikely the Heparin would help. I then took my daughter Anna and we went in alone to minister to my dad. We commanded the clot to dissolve immediately. Eighteen hours later the doctor walked in and said: “I have no words. I am humbled and speechless.” They couldn’t find the clot on the EKG or the echo test!

My older brother is a brilliant gastroenterologist and unbeliever. His jaw dropped. My dad is out of ICU and will be discharged tomorrow or Wednesday! Anna said to me: “Daddy Bill is 90 years old – I know it is the Lord’s will to heal but at some point he will die.”  I said: “True, but we fight to ensure that it is in the Lord’s timing and not Satan’s.”

Another testimony

I was playing tennis two weeks ago with a good friend (who did not know the Lord) who right at the start was experiencing shooting pains down his leg. I told him to put his hand on the spot and I then commanded the pain to go. He felt immediate relief and there was only a little pain left. I commanded again and all pain left. He was amazed.