By Peter Pap

August 30, 2012

What’s happening at Modern Jesus Army

Reports from the United Kingdom

We are still moving on with the healing evangelism. Last weekend we had a big bank holiday festival at our marquee location and we were asked again to give some testimonies to about 1500 believers about our healing outreach experiences. After doing so Mick (who is our other apostolic leader besides Kelly, Huw and Ian) was talking about it and encouraged the church to take this on board in a wide scale and look our for opportunities to step out and using this authority.

On Saturday midday (as part of the festival) there was a Jesus Army-Youth event for a few hours and one of the two groups (girls aged between 13-19) focused on healing. Our sister Anna who led it consulted with me beforehand and she did a very successful training to the sister. After some basic teaching they had a demonstration time and if I remember well around 30 people were healed during the demo. This of course greatly encouraged our younger sisters to take this message home with them.

This Saturday we have a Northampton campaign, during which as a part of it we are planning to have two independent healing teams on the streets and also Fred is going to go and offer healing door-to-door. We will see how it goes. Northampton is known to be very passive and negligent, so having the healing banner and setup on the streets can be challenging. I will let you know the results.

Our next organized time is a 2 day (Thursday – Friday) campaign in Oxford at the end of September — we are mobilizing a healing tent team again. Probably four of us again, along with a gazebo and a banner.

What I see is that healing evangelism is becoming grassroots, which is exactly what I can see being the way forward! Praise God! We hear reports from all over the place about our brothers and sister stepping out boldly and healing people as part of their everyday life. I attach a few little comments as examples. (In the UK mass-evangelism doesn’t seem to attract people at this age, you need to fight for the souls one-by-one… so we need to go grassroots with the personal touch – and healing is just as effective in this format!).