On November 7, 2012 we received the following from Jon Speckman in the Chicago area:

“I have a prayer request that is becoming more urgent as time goes on.

My oldest son Noah has been having hearing issues for the last few months. The tubes that connect the inner ear to the throat to drain the fluids are not draining properly and he has fluid in his inner ear. We have been ministering healing to his ears but only with minimal results. 

We just checked around to a few different doctors to see what the cost would be to have them insert tubes which would drain the fluid. (Supposedly this is a very common thing in young children and a very simple procedure and only takes a few minutes to insert some tubes into the already existing natural tubes and just helps keep them open.)

We found out that it will cost us about $8,000 – $10,000 dollars for a procedure that only takes a few minutes. (We do not have health insurance.)

My wife and I don’t think that going to the doctor is the answer to this problem, so we are reaching out to you guys to help minister healing at a distance to Noah. Please pray that God would open those tubes and drain the fluid in his ears.”

We then asked Brother Dennis Green in Houston to minister to Noah at a distance. Several days later on November 13, Dennis wrote us:

“I prayed over Noah tonight. He is 4 years old. He said to his mother that he could feel something drain as I ministered to him. His dad then got behind him and whispered, and he could hear. His mother said before that she would have to yell to him in order for him to hear her. They will check with their doctor and get back to us.”

On the next day, Noah’s dad Jon testified:

 “Just got back from the doctor, it appears that the fluid is gone but there is still a little minor irritation and wax build up left. Praise God!”