Extraordinary reports from our harvest workers in India 

Our workers are now training our brand-new believers to preach the gospel as Jesus commanded in Luke 10:9. In many of our house churches believers are very active going out to heal the sick and preach the gospel to their neighbours. 

The Lord is doing great things through his workers in the needy land of India. We are expecting more and greater miraculous healings and deliverances through them in the days ahead. Thank you so much for your prayers. 

Some Reports

A young girl named Khusbu had a close friend who had passed away. After that an unclean spirit began to torment Khusbu. At night it would come to her and say, “you also come to me…I will take you with me.” And so Khusbu would be terrified when night fell. For fifteen days she would not sleep. Finally her family contacted our worker. Two of our Elijah Challenge workers went to their home and ministered to her, rebuking the unclean spirit in Jesus’ name and commanding it to leave her. That night she slept for the first time in over two weeks. Praise God…now fellowship and prayer are going on in her home with her parents having accepted Jesus Christ. 

Prabha Sahu had suffered from pain in her backbone for two years. Even though she was taking medicine she still felt constant pain. She came for healing prayer on a Sunday, and our workers ministered to her. She was touched by the Lord, and completely healed. Now every Sunday she attends the fellowship.

Bipin Kumar had fractured his leg in an accident. After an operation on the leg, he had severe pain in his joint. The pain did not subside despite the application of pain relief ointment. Finally he called one of our Elijah Challenge workers. When he ministered to Bipin, he began to feel better. Over two days our worker ministered to him. Praise God, Bipin has no more pain.

A man named Lola had a bad toothache. Two years earlier one of his molars had been removed by his dentist. But an infection set in. The dentist prescribed medication, but the pain persisted. It was very severe. He went to our workers for healing prayer. When our workers ministered to him with authority in Jesus’ name, he was miraculously healed. The pain disappeared.

For some reason, a newborn baby boy had been unable to open his eyes. But the parents did not take him to see their doctor since he was just an infant—and they were afraid of what the doctor would find. Two months later after they somehow came to know about our workers, they called them to come for prayer. Our workers went and ministered to the two-month-old baby in the name of Jesus. He slowly opened his eyes and started blinking. Everyone who was there was surprised witnessing this miracle. The mother cried, exclaiming “you opened the eyes of my son, otherwise he would be blind.” The family accepted Christ. Praise the Lord.

Glory to God for all His wonderful works through our trained harvest workers.

Elijah Challenge Coordinator in Orissa, India