Pontianak, West Borneo, Indonesia
November 2013

We began serving the Lord in 1978 as young missionaries to unreached primitive regions of Indonesian Borneo. One of our early disciples back then, a teenager named Asiu, is now pastoring a growing church along with her husband Afung in a coastal city named Pontianak. Afung also accepted the Lord Jesus under us during those early days.
Not much over a year ago, Afung and Asiu planted this new congregation in a predominantly ethnic Chinese neighborhood rife with idolatry and ancestor-worship. The congregation grew quickly, but some neighbors were very unhappy. One irked neighbor would actually disrupt their services every Sunday morning with loud pounding on their walls as they worshiped their Lord. Another angry neighbor once burst into their worship service to scream at them. Complaints to the local police eventually resulted in authorities asking them to find another place for their services. They began to look for another location. Then it seems the Lord rose up to defend His people.
On his way to the idol temple one day to worship his gods, the first gentleman collapsed. Bystanders took him to the hospital. He was dead. Later that same week, the second neighbor suffered from a stroke and died.
The fear of the Lord has come upon the neighborhood, with people saying that it’s not wise to mess with the Lord Jesus Christ. He’s really alive. The Lord has given favor to Asiu & Afung and their congregation with their neighbors, and they can remain in their present location. 
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