Endorsements & Fruit of The Elijah Challenge

African Pastor: “Your teaching on healing the sick and casting out demons is the most scripturally correct teaching in Christendom”  Read

The Elijah Challenge according to Houston Pastor who hosted Reinhard Bonnke Crusade   Read

Distinguished Pastor with Doctorate from Westminster Theological Seminary described the teaching as “stunning…heaven on earth”    Read

“Millions have been blessed through you and the servants of God you have trained”   Read

The grandson of “the Billy Graham of India” – Rev. Simon Haqq   Read

A mini-people movement to Isa Almasih from the world’s largest gospel-resistant Muslim people group living in Asia   Read

Executive Director of Foursquare Church of Malaysia & Singapore   Read

Benjamin Yoo, Ph.D, Director of E. Stanley Jones College  Read

Light of Africa, Mission to Zambia  Read

Rev. Joshua Oghoghoreva of Nigeria, Crusade Evangelist  Read

General Presbyter of the Tennessee Assemblies of God (AG)   Read

US Special Forces Colonel launches worldwide ministry after training with The Elijah Challenge  View his 2018 Video

New York District Superintendent of the United Methodist Church (UMC)   Read

Southern Baptist Leaders   Read

Senior Associate Pastor of Second Baptist Church, Houston  Read

Molecular Biologist  Read

North Carolina Foursquare Pastor   Read

Superintendent of 70-congregation District of the United Methodist Church   Read

AA, Christ’s Legions  Read

Rev. Emmanuel A. Rhema, Crusade Evangelist in Africa  Read

Rev. Majorie Nunes, Bayport United Methodist Church, New York  YouTube Video

Mark U., Financial Planner in Houston  Read

Senior Pastor with 35 years of ministry in India  Read

Beyond All Borders Evangelism at New Age Festivals   Read

Japan: Manly & Junko in the Land of the Rising Sun   Read

Daniel Foo, Faculty with Haggai Institute International, Senior Pastor of Bethesda Church Singapore  Read

Former Louisiana chaplain launches out after training with Elijah Challenge: 15,000 souls added after he trained a Punjabi church  Read

Prophet Rohan Rambally of Trinidad   Read