By Elijah Challenge Africa Coordinator Emmanuel Rhema of Nigeria
May 2014

Reports from Emmanuel Rhema



This indoor crusade was held in February, 204 it was hosted by the sectional leader and senior pastor of the church Onwian Branch 1.

I ministered for 5 days and the Lord worked among us as healing and accurate word of knowledge flowed freely. On the second day, l called out for people with high blood pressure. Almost half of the people in the congregation came out, some of them had even tested themselves that same day and noticed their blood pressure was high.

l took authority over the spirit of infirmity, commanding their blood pressure to be normalized. Then l asked if anybody had a stethoscope in the congregation.  A woman brought one out, and tested everyone of them. To our amazement 80% of them said that their BP had gone down to normal, and the rest of them had drastically reduced blood pressure.

Among those who testified:

1.  A woman who was deaf in her left ear for ten years. Her ear was instantly healed without any one laying hands on her.

2.  A lady who was suffering from a hernia which was to be operated on the next week went to her doctor and it was discovered that the hernia was no longer there.

3.  A man that was suffering from painful chest problem for five years saw someone came out of his body and that was the end of the affliction.

4.  A man whose left leg was shorter than the right leg felt a cold sensation on the left leg. Upon looking at his legs he discovered that the legs has become equal in length.

5.  A woman was suffering from a kidney problem and had been referred to go to India for a kidney transplant. But upon returning to her doctor after our program it was discovered that the kidney was normal. So she does not need to go in for surgery.

These are just a few out of the many testimonies which were shared in our program. Many souls gave their lives to Jesus after seeing the healing work of God.



I was hosted by Living Word Gospel Mission Kwale in 2012. It was indeed a healing explosion as l ministered for five days. Many souls was were converted, the sick were healed, and demons cast out. The following are some of the testimonies of miraculous healing among many others not included here.

1. Neck problem healed – A woman had severe neck pain and could not turn her neck left or right for seven weeks. After the ministration she could turn her neck properly without any pain. She was weeping and praising God.

2. Rectal ulcer healed – A chief usher had been suffering from a painful ulcer for two years. After I ministered to him, the pain stopped immediately. The ulcer itself disappeared within five days.

3. “Moving object” disappeared – An usher in the church was suffering from a strange object which moved around in his body causing him pain. As a result he was unable to sleep for seven years. He spent much on doctors but all to no avail—he was always weak, sick and unhappy. But at our program he was instantly healed.

4. Chronic asthma – A woman testified that she had been suffering from chronic asthma for years. When I laid my hand on her chest commanding the spirit to leave, she was immediately healed. The coughing ceased and she said she saw someone or something leave her body .

5. Burning sensation vanished – A certain lady testified that she had been suffering from a burning sensation for years. She had spent all she had for treatment without any result. She could not sleep without using two fans directed toward her legs. But when I ministered to her, she went back home that night and slept without the fan. From then onwards she no longer experienced that affliction.

6. Leg ulcer healed – A lady had an open wound on her leg which developed into a leg ulcer for two years. It defied medical treatments. The leg was stinking and getting rotten. l spoke to the spirit of infirmity to leave her. Within five days the wound dried up, and she is perfectly healed today.

Just as the asthma victim above was healed, a woman with partial paralysis was also healed in addition to many others.