Dinesh Sri Kumaran trained with The Elijah Challenge in Malaysia

June 2013

Reports from Albert Kang

Some of us from our church Bethany Chapel Klang attended an Elijah Challenge training by Ps Albert Kang sometime last year. During the training a few people were healed from certain physical infirmities, however coming from a background of a traditional evangelical church, I for one did not diligently practice what we had learnt even though at that time I believed what was taught until recently. I would like to share a few accounts where the Lord used me to heal others and pray that it would bring much encouragement to everyone who reads to continue ministering healing to those in need that Jesus may be glorified and many may come to experience God’s grace and be saved.

Miracle 1:-

A couple of months ago (almost a year after being trained) my mum (a believer) who is 62 hurt her knees quite badly nursing her two new born grandkids (my sisters kids) over a period of 2 months. When she returned home to Klang, she was in sever pain and could hardly climb the stairs without great difficulty and even found it difficult getting up from low chair without great pain. The doctor confirmed her cartilage was badly worn and she needed to use some kind of knee brace gear. The Lord moved me to remember what I had learnt from Elijah Challenge, and out of faith one evening I ministered healing to both her knees by laying my hands and commanding all damage to the muscles, tendons, tissue, cartilage be healed in Jesus name. After a few minutes of continuous ministering she felt the pain and discomfort leave and was able to get up without the usual pain and tried climbing the stair without pain. After a day of monitoring the condition, she noticed slight discomfort and I once again ministered healing on both knees. The next day my mum reported she was able to squat down for an hour weeding her garden which had been neglected and she hadn’t felt any pain or discomfort. It’s been a few months now and her knees are still trouble free. We praise the Lord for this miraculous healing! This miraculous healing while a great encouragement to both my mum and I, was also a great testimony to one of my sisters in Singapore who has yet to accept Jesus has her personal savior.

Miracle 2:-

A month ago, my sister from Singapore who is still on maternity leave visited us in Klang with her 2 month old baby girl. Her daughter Zara had been diagnosed with quite a severe form of eczema which is a skin disease. The eczema covered her entire body and this little baby was in constant discomfort throughout the day and had to be treated with creams a few times a day. Doctors had said this type of condition was rare and not curable but may subside as the child grew up. My sister was heartbroken and helpless seeing her firstborn suffer in this manner. During her visit to Klang, I was praying and the Lord gave me the faith needed to minister healing to Baby Zara. So with my sister’s consent, and with her there I laid hands on the baby and commanded that every substance in the body causing the eczema leave. I did this over 2 days before she left for Singapore. Even after the second time, we didn’t notice any immediate improvement on Zara’s condition, however I felt a great peace and assurance that the Lord had already affirmed Zara’s healing and I told my sister to just have faith. Two days later I received a message from her saying the eczema had almost completely gone and a day after that she said it had completely cleared. It’s been almost 2 months now and Zara has received complete healing. Indeed we praise the Lord for his compassion on the little child, but more so for the testimony to my sister and her husband on the kind of God Jesus really is. Through this testimony of God’s amazing power and love, my sister is less dismissive when we share matters pertaining to our faith to her and we know that God is already working out her salvation in His own time.

Miracle 3:-

Last week my mum again visited my sister in Singapore. After a few days she discovered a huge lump on her upper neck. There was some pain where the growth was and she was in discomfort and a little distressed. My sister being a medical doctor was very concerned and had insisted on a specialist scan when she returned to Malaysia with fear that it was a cancerous growth. Despite being anxious, my mum started ministering healing on herself in faith and noticed that the lump was growing smaller after a couple of days but didn’t go away. When she returned to Klang and in the morning she was going to the hospital for the scan, she shared with me about the growth. Having grown in faith through the previous miracles I started ministering healing on her by laying my hand on the lump and commanding that the growth leave and full healing come to the body and for all cells to be restored. After a few minutes of ministering the lump grew smaller and smaller in my hand until it was hardly noticeable. My mum was greatly comforted and decided not to pursue her doctor’s appointment. That evening when I came home from work she affirmed that the lump had completely gone without a trace. Praise God for another great miracle and all glory to our Lord Jesus Christ! May His name be exalted forevermore!