Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Tuesday evening, May 10, 2005

The Lord has been moving in a special way here in our Brisbane meetings. Unbelievers with infirmities have been coming to the training meetings, so I’ve had to adjust on the fly. I am learning how to teach the believers how to heal the sick in Jesus’ name and to preach the gospel to the lost at the same time. In our morning training session were an elderly Vietnamese man and woman, both unbelievers. The man had pain in his lower back and the woman had a heart condition. When it came time to demonstrate healing to the believers, they came forward. The Lord touched both of them physically as believers laid hands on them. Both received Jesus as Lord and Savior at the training.

In the evening training session, several more unbelievers came, most of them with infirmities. I mixed the gospel in with the training. When it came time for the demonstration, a woman with bad knees hobbled forward. I challenged the people to receive Christ as their Savior from sin if they saw her healed in his name and able to run. They declared they would. After being ministered to twice, she was able to run back and forth across the front of the sanctuary and up the platform! Then I led the people in corporate mass healing in which the infirm people laid hands on themselves in Christ’s name. Many more people were healed in this fashion, and several came up to the platform to testify of some dramatic healings. I emphasized to the people that Christ’s power to heal proved that He also had authority to forgive sin through His death on the cross and save them from condemnation in hell.

When I gave the altar call for salvation, ten Vietnamese souls from the approximately 40-plus people attending the training session came forward. This was a training session—not an evangelistic Crusade meeting—where rarely if ever such a high percentage of the people attending a Crusade receive Christ!

The Lord is doing something quite unusual in this quiet conservative church where believers from different churches have gathered for the meetings. These evangelical believers declare that they will continue such meetings after we leave Brisbane. The Lord has imparted His authority to them for the fulfillment of the Great Commission.