Sydney, New South WalesAustralia
Sunday Evening, May 8, 2005

Praise the Lord for his wonderful grace! We have successfully concluded our meetings here in Sydney, Australia.

Over one thousand people, mostly Vietnamese, came to the Bankstown Town Hall last night for our Crusade. This Town Hall facility, used for concerts and the like, is not quite as spiritually warm and intimate as the smaller (but not small) Jesus Family Centre where we had our first Crusade meeting last Saturday night…it’s more cold and impersonal.

So it was a bit difficult to get started, and we had to work harder ministering to the sick than we did at the Jesus Family Centre. After the first breakthrough meeting there on Saturday evening, the enemy marshaled his forces to resist us last night. Sydney is the world-class capital of Australia, a developed western nation similar to the United States. The spiritual atmosphere is certainly not as receptive and open to the supernatural as that in Indonesia or in Africa countries. Nevertheless the Lord enabled us to break through as people came up to the stage to testify of their healings.

Some testimonies….

A Buddhist woman named Michelle who was brought by her believing daughter to the meeting Saturday evening at the Jesus Family Centre at first did not believe. But even though she had no faith, when she laid hands on herself during the corporate mass healing, the Lord dramatically healed her of her pain and infirmity. She practically ran up to the front to testify excitedly of what He had done. That evening she called up her relatives to tell them what had happened. Some of them laughed at her, othes were drawn by her testimony. She invited them to attend the Crusade at the Town Hall last night. Her father came with her last night as well as to church yesterday (Sunday) morning. Previously he was very much against Christianity. But when he heard the gospel and saw the miracles, he believed. Last night He expressed unusual faith for a brand-new believer that the Lord had healed him of his hepatitis and diabetes and he is going to go to his doctor to be examined. Michelle is like the woman at the well in John 4. She and her father are going to lead the rest of their extended family into the Kingdom of God!

A young Buddhist man came to the Crusade last night at the Town Hall just out of curiosity to see what was going on. During the time of the corporate mass healing as he laid hands on himself for healing from ten years of back pain, he was healed. He climbed up to the stage to testify. A laborer who had injured his knee at his job lifting heavy objects was healed as hands were laid on him on the stage. These are two testimonies of the several precious souls who responded when I gave the invitation to follow Jesus last night. MIraculous healings and signs definitely help draw the lost to faith in Jesus Christ!

An 84-year-old man who could barely climb the stage because of severe chronic soreness and pain in his lower back all the way down to his feet was set free after believers rebuked his infirmities and ministered in Jesus’ name for nearly half an hour. He climbed down the stairs from the stage with a big smile on his face.

Host Baptist Pastor Vuong’s wife Kim was thrilled because the Lord used her at the meeting to successfully minister healing to a woman with severe headache pains. A woman testified with great excitement how the Lord had healed her of three different infirmities during the corporate mass healing. (She nearly fell backwards with upraised hands on the stage because of her gratitude to the Lord, but the emcee caught her in time…)

Three visiting reporters from Vietnamese radio stations witnessed all this and more.

The meetings were a success. The thirteen mostly evangelical Vietnamese churches in Sydney, Australia came together in unity for an event involving supernatural healing. In the past such meetings have caused division because of practices at the meeting that were not firmly supported in Scripture. But this was a breakthrough in the city of Sydney among the Vietnamese churches. The impartation has been successful and the work will be continued by them after we leave for the fulfillment of the Great Commission.