Sydney, New South WalesAustralia
Saturday Evening, May 7, 2005

Jesus Family Centre, a wonderfully vibrant church, was more than packed with people lining the back walls. I preached the gospel briefly and succinctly, and then asked the Lord the demonstrate through miraculous healings that He is only the only true God and that Jesus is the only way to Him. Many were healed as the saints ministered, but perhaps the most dramatic one involved an elderly man who had suffered from a stroke, leaving him without the power of speech. He could barely walk even with the aid of a four-wheeled walker.

As believers ministered to him in Christ’s name, he stood up and walked around completely unaided for the first time. The crowd was spellbound at the power of the name of Jesus. A bit later as believers continued to minister to him, his speech was restored and he said to Pastor Vuong “thank for praying for me.” Another miracle involved a young child who was paralyzed since birth and had never walked. With people holding her, she began to walk for the first time in her life. 

There were numerous other testimonies of God’s healing grace as well. Each one, I emphasized, was the evidence of the power of Jesus’ name to forgive sin and save from judgment.

When I gave the altar call, hungry souls came forward to follow Jesus to escape from the kingdom of darkness to enter the Kingdom of Heaven.