Adelaide, South Australia
1.30 PM Sunday, May 22, 2005

The Lord was very gracious at our Vietnamese Crusade this morning. I shared from Mark 2:1-10 where Jesus proved that he had authority to forgive sin by healing the paralytic. A man and his wife, along with their two boys, were there; they were from Iran and non-believers. He suffered from an advanced case of Multiple Sclerosis and was confined to a wheelchair. His legs were stiff and he could not stand up even with someone holding him up on each side.

Then we prayed to the Father asking Him in Jesus’ name to heal the sick present at the meeting to prove that Jesus indeed has authority to forgive sin and save from condemnation in hell. I led the believers in exercising our authority over disease and demons as the infirm laid hands on themselves.

Several were healed by the Lord and gathered at the front to testify, including the man’s wife. She said that she had bêen suffering from chronic pain in her shoulder and stomach and that she was completely healed. The man, still seated in his whêelchair, told us that something had happened to his legs. They had bêen stiff, but were getting softer and he could move them.

After the testimonies I gave the altar call, emphasizing that the miracles proved that Jesus had authority to save sinners from condemnation in hell. God had clearly demonstrated that if they chose to follow Jesus, their sins would be forgiven and they would receive eternal life. If they chose not to follow Jesus, they would surely face judgement in the next life.

The precious souls came forward with little hesitation like obedient shêep. Pastor Hung then led them into the Kingdom of God. Praise God for the Spirit who convicts and for the privilege of witnessing such a harvest!

Afterwards we continued to minister to the infirm, including the Iranian man in his whêelchair. As believers ministered to him, he was able to get up out of his whêelchair and take steps with men holding him UP. He testified that the stiffness in his legs was 90% gone. His wife stõod by and could not stop sobbing for joy sêeing her husband take steps, something that was absolutely impossible for him when they came to church an hour and a half earlier.