From a pastor who came to The Elijah Challenge Training in Malaysia in 2005

“We have just returned from a fruitful ministry in Johor Bahru and also Alor Setar. As expected, the Lord did wonderful miracles among His people. We continue to rejoice for what He is doing. Thank you so much for imparting this highly practical teaching to us. We are forever grateful. Today, many of our fellow ministers are teaching their congregations how to move in signs and wonders because of you both.

President of Foursquare Malaysia Pastor Henry Liew and his wife Dr. Jenny are now in the USA and they are ministering in many Foursquare churches. (For Pastor Henry’s impression on The Elijah Challenge, click on The Foursquare Church in Malaysia no longer “missing a [part of the] square”.) And guess what? Many are being healed in the name of Jesus. Pastor Grace Goh’s church in Ipoh is also moving in healing miracles. Just met her in Alor Setar and she testified that her work as a pastor is so easy because it is the church members who are ministering healing effectively to the infirm. What a testimony!

Two days ago, I shared with two young participants at the Haggai Seminar that The Elijah Challenge now is more than a ministry… it has become a movement. It has a life of its own and is spreading around the world. The Holy Spirit is using this movement to touch tens of thousands for Christ. There will come a day where every church that moves in miraculous healing can point back to the influence that they received from The Elijah Challenge.

Once again, thank you so much for sharing God’s truth with us. We have been so blessed!”