“We ministered healing over the telephone to Sharon, an elderly friend of ours. Sharon had already been in prayer, and had seen great improvement and healing in her knee and hip but some pain remained. Additionally, Sharon had severe swelling in her legs and feet, so severe that she could not even mover her toes.
With the authority of Jesus’ name, we cast out a spirit of infirmity in her left knee which was causing stiffness and pain. Sharon felt “heat” in the knee and the knee was healed – Praise the Lord!

Sharon also had pain in her hip, so we ministered healing to Sharon’s hip in the authority of Jesus’ name, and the pain disappeared except for some pain at the top of the leg where the leg joins the hip. We persisted in prayer for that spot and that pain also disappeared – Praise the Lord!

With the authority of Jesus’ name we ministered healing to Sharon’s swollen feet. This infirmity was stubborn but after some time Sharon began to feel tingling, and then heat around both ankles, and the swelling went down – in Sharon’s own words – “swelling has lessened, skin tissue is softer, pain is minimal and I can move my toes again! Praise the Lord! “
We could not have ministered to Sharon if it had not been for the training we received from The Elijah Challenge, a ministry dedicated to sharing the Gospel with Light, the proclamation of the God’s salvation, and Fire, the demonstration of the God’s power.”

-Evangelist Tom Molskow
Evangelism Beyond All Boundaries