Woman with Polio Removes her Leg Brace and Walks

Basma, a twenty-something-year-old committed believer in Christ Jesus, had been stricken by crippling polio as a very young child. She could walk only with the help of a heavy brace attached to her leg and bulky shoes specially fitted for her disfigured feet, in addition to a cane. For some reason, she believed that healing her was the one miracle that the Lord could not do.

Outside the Prayer Room after one of our morning Tent Crusade meetings, team members Billy Burton, Jennifer Campbell, Brenda Powell, and Deborah Wallace laid hands on her, rebuking the polio in the name of Jesus Christ. Before their very eyes the power of the Lord began to straighten her twisted foot. She removed the heavy leg brace and special shoes and walked without them for the first time in many years. Brenda, who had purchased a new pair of sneakers before leaving on the trip at the leading of the Holy Spirit, gave Basma her new shoes to wear. They fit her exactly! The next day, walking in her new regular shoes aided by her cane only, Basma came to the Tent Meeting to testify with great joy and excitement before the thousands of amazed Egyptians. She’s trusting the Lord for her complete healing. God is great! Below is the testimony of teammate Jennifer Campbell.

“The most dramatic healing I witnessed was Basma, the young women with polio. She wore a full leg brace on her right leg. Her shoe was attached to this brace. She also had scoliosis. Let me share this experience with you. There were several of us who ministered to her as a team; Brenda, Charlotte, Deborah, and I. We began to minister healing to her. After a while, Deborah had a word that we needed to command one of her legs to grow out. As I knelt down and began to command this leg to come out, we watched it happen. As I was doing this, I noticed that her big toe on her right foot was drawn up and locked in this position. She didn’t stand with her foot flat on the floor; she walked on the side of it and it was turned way out. I began to command this toe to be released yet nothing happened. We continued to minister to her. At one point, Deborah sensed we needed to just sing a song of worship to the Lord. About this time, Billy came and he began to speak to Basma. He took authority over some things in her life and all of a sudden Deborah and I looked and Basma’s toe straightened out and her foot turned in noticeably. We all began to shout with joy. She began to walk without her brace. When we finished ministering to her she still had to use her cane, but she could walk without her brace. As she was preparing to leave, she was going to put her brace back on as her shoe was attached to it. Quickly, Brenda pulled off her new Nike tennis shoes and socks and gave them to Basma. Of course they fit her perfectly! She walked out of their with the first pair of real shoes and no brace!!

There are so many stories I could tell of the healings that took place in Minia. One of the things that was also so powerful was when God didn’t physically heal but touched a heart. Two of these are etched in my memory. One was in the prayer hall. A man came to me who was a deaf mute. He had been prayed for that night by someone else. I spoke to his infirmities and nothing changed. His wife was with him. I heard the Lord telling me to have his wife tell him that God wanted to touch his heart and I was going to lay my hand on his heart. As I did that, I literally saw God touching this man’s heart. Both of us were changed forever. He gestured with his hands thanking the Lord. Another example of this was the last night at the tent crusade. I prayed for a lifeless baby. This night I was surrounded by several of the young workers and they too joined with me as I spoke to this child’s infirmities. When it was time to leave the tent, the Lord had me tell the parents how much He loved them for loving this child. The father told me that he would never forget this night and to remember them and to continue to pray for their son. How the Spirit had connected our hearts as we joined our faith.

My life has been changed forever. I don’t know what the best part was, the healings, training others, the salvations, or simply watching God touch the hearts of His people! I would recommend everyone to go on a mission trip like this. I know God has changed my life through the things I experienced. I have come away with a greater compassion for God’s people. I know that it is God’s heart that we also have a heart for the nations. What a better way to get that heart than to go on a trip like this.”